Articulos del Doctor Romero (Ortodoncia)

A Comparison of the Shear Bond Strength of a Resin Cement and two orthodontic resin adhesive systems

Adhesion promoters. Effects on the bond strength of brackets.

Bond strength of brackets bonded with an adhesion promoter.

Cephalometric landmark identification consistency between undergraduate dental students and orthodontic residents in 3 dimensional rendered cone beam computed tomography images

Consideraciones quirurgicoortodóncicas en un caso de osteocondroma del cóndilo mandibular.

Effects of 3 adhesion promoters on the shear bond strength of orthodintic brackets. An in vitro study.

Influence of a Nonrinse Conditioner on the Bond Strength of brackets bonded with a resin adhesive system.

Orthopedic and Orthodontic Treatment in Central Giant Cell Granuloma treated wtih calcitonin.

Psychosocial dental impact in adult orthodontic patients. What about health competence.

Psychosocial predictors of affect in adult patients undergoing orthodintic treatment

Self-etching primer and a non-rinse conditioner versus phosphoric acid. Alternative methods for bonding brackets.

Surgical solutions to periodontal complications of orthodontic therapy.

The impact of dental appearance and anxiety on self-esteem in adult orthodontic patients

The perception of facial aesthetics in a young Spanish population.

Tratamiento de la succion digital en dentición temporal y mixta.

Tratamiento quirúrgico ortodóncico de la hiperplasia condílea. A propósito de un caso.

Treatment of class III orthodontic cases in childhood. Case report.

Visual perception of skeletal class and biotype in Spain